What is Virtual Design?

Although it’s called Virtual or E “Design” across the industry, virtual decorating is probably a more accurate description for this service.

A Virtual Design from Nina Hendrick Design Co. provides you with a full decorating plan for the space of your choice, that can be completed on your schedule. It includes furniture, decor, and paint/finish options.

Who is Virtual Design a good fit for?

Many of our clients have young families and/or full time jobs that keep them very busy. They don’t have the time for a traditional interior design experience that involves in-person meetings and long lead times on the furnishings they ultimately approve.

Our process allows for flexible communication and the ability to shop for the items from your design on your own schedule. You receive access to a private customer portal where we can collaborate as I develop your unique and customized design plan. I work within your budget to find you the best deal that fits our vision.

What doesn’t Virtual Design include?

Virtual Design does not include architectural blueprints, CAD drawings, collaboration/communication with contractors, or any in-person services (even if you happen to be local. Due to raising my own young family, my services are completely virtual at this time).

Who isn’t Virtual Design a good fit for?

Virtual Design is not a good fit for anyone looking for in-person services. Please see above! These include but aren’t limited to: collaborating/communicating with contractors, in-person services (yes, even if you live nearby. My services are only virtual at this time), or anyone seeking architectural/CAD drawings. Those types of projects are a better fit for Architects or Interior Designers versus a virtual decorating plan like what I offer.

A note about kitchens and bathrooms: If your project is a kitchen or bathroom, please take note of our offerings (and what we don’t offer). While I’m happy to help you choose furniture, finishes, decor, lighting, and paint colors- I do not offer full layout plans or cabinet designs for kitchens and bathrooms. Again, this is more of a decorating service.