How to Paint Oak Cabinets


This e-book walks you step-by-step through the process we used to paint our oak cabinets, cover the grain, and achieve a custom cabinetry smooth finish.

Dark. Dated. Depressing.

It’s safe to say I wasn’t very happy with our orange oak kitchen when we moved in back in 2012. However, a full renovation wasn’t in the cards for us financially at that point. I have always loved a challenge, and my new one became finding a way to achieve the smooth paint finish that I loved from custom cabinetry, but without the hefty price tag.

The Problem was the Oak…

Oak has a very strong grain, which can result in little black air pockets all over a paint finish. I had experienced this before and knew that I wanted a level up: a completely smooth and professional finish. I tested all of the products I could find in various combinations, and in the end…

The Result

The process I came up with exceeded my greatest expectations. We DIYed our way to a dream kitchen and saved a ton of money in the process. Our kitchen was bright, clean, and modern. Best of all, the finish was smooth and durable. It has held up for five years (even though I made some mistakes along the way that I can happily prevent you from repeating!).

I shared the results on my blog, and they have been featured in House Beautiful, Elle Decor, and Better Homes and Gardens (August 2016 Issue). Even better, we have inspired THOUSANDS (yes, that’s a crazy number) of people tackle the very same project!


Transform Your Cabinets without Breaking the Bank!


This 35-page PDF E-book covers every step from our cabinet painting tutorial as well as including an 18-month follow up and FAQ section. You will receive two printable checklists at the back of the book to help you stay organized!


This process has been followed by thousands of readers. Here’s what a few have to say…

“My husband and I just finished painting our bathroom cabinets and are now starting the process with our kitchen cabinets. We followed your tutorial to a tee and I am so pleased with the results! Thank you for taking the time to put together such a detailed guide. I was unsure about my painting skills so we did the bathroom first to work out any kinks. It is quite a lot of work but wow – the results are so worth it! We opted to keep the same style of hinges in our bathroom, but have found a cabinetry person in our area who has drilled the holes for hidden hinges in our kitchen.” – Jessica

“I downloaded your tutorial and I am now in love with our kitchen, it was dark with oak cabinets and now it’s bright and happy…”

“Out of all of the blogs I read, yours was the method that worked best for me. There were a few things you did that I didn’t…but my results were beautiful as well.”