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What’s Virtual Decorating?

Although it’s called virtual design or e-design across the industry, virtual decorating is the most accurate term for what I offer.  My service provides you with a full decorating plan for the space of your choice, that can be implememented on your schedule. It includes a shopping list for furniture and decor as well as paint/finish options.

Along with everything included below, you can also expect prompt communication, and for me to keep you updated every step of the way. This is a truly collaborative process, and my biggest goal is to help you create a home that is meaningful to you!



To get the ball rolling, you can inquire by using the Contact Form and describe your project. We’ll match you up to the services that you may be interested in and then send you a Brochure with a breakdown of pricing and what’s included. A custom project portal will be automatically created for you in our management software so that we can easily chat and share files. During this stage, you can also book a quick 20-minute complimentary call if you choose and we’ll discuss your project and make sure we’re making plans that help meet your goals.

After choosing which services are a good match for your project, I’ll send over a Proposal. You can look it over and make sure we covered everything. After your approval, you’ll be asked to read and sign our Agreement for your chosen package during the checkout process. 

After you checkout, you’ll be sent an email with your receipt. I’ll reach out and also send over a Welcome PDF, and also a link to complete the Questionnaire.

During the Inquiry Phase:

  • Explore the brochure and choose the package that’s the right fit for your project.
  • Optionally book a call to discuss your project.
  • Approve your Proposal
  • read and sign your Agreement.
  • enter Payment information in our secure Project Portal
  • receive emails with receipt, Welcome Guide PDF, and link to Questionnaire.

During the Discovery Phase:

  • you’ll learn your way around the Project Portal.
  • fill out the Questionnaire.
  • get set up with a Private Pinterest Board
  • I’ll begin to enter elements into the Project Portal and the Pinterest Board
  • you can give feedback right on the Board that helps me narrow down your style and how you’ll use the room.
  • you’ll receive your Initial Mood Board. We can still make changes from here!



During the Discovery Phase, I get a feel for your design style and what you’re looking for in both the functionality and aesthetic of your space. The length of this phase is designed to be about a week with prompt feedback on your end.
You  can ask any questions in our private Project Portal. This is a dashboard that organizes all of the project materials and our communications. 
Your first step is to complete your  Questionnaire. Once I receive your responses, I’ll add the information to the Design Portal and you can begin to watch the process take shape. 
I’ll also get you set up on your Private Pinterest Board. This is a place we can collaborate on ideas for your project. This is a crucial step for me understanding your taste and you making sure I am heading in the right direction! 
The Discovery Phase concludes when I upload your Initial Mood Board to the Project Portal. This is to make sure we are on the same page with the design concept. You can consider this a “rough draft”, we can still make changes from here!



During the Design Phase, I get to work on your Final Virtual Decorating Plan PDF. The content and length of time will vary according to which package you choose, but some examples of what I’ll be working on include: mood boards, shopping list, lighting analysis (paint color consult only), and floor plans.
Throughout the process I’ll stay in touch and we can ask each other questions through your Project Portal. You can also watch my progress through the checkboxes in the portal! 
After all of the items in your package are complete, I will send you your Final Virtual Decorating Plan PDF. One round of revision is included if needed to make sure your final virtual design is perfect for you!

During the Design Phase:

  • I get to work! This phase is all about me bringing together the pieces of your Virtual Decorating Plan.
  • we can communicate through the Project Portal, and you can watch the progress boxes to see that your design is staying on track.
  • after everything is complete, I’ll send you your Final Virtual Decorating Plan PDF!
  • one round of revision is included (if needed) so we can get it completely perfect



This phase happens on your timeline — it’s when you begin to shop for items and pull the room together according to the decorating plan. I’ll answer questions and provide an alternative source for out of stock items from the Final Decorating Plan up to 30 days after through your Project Portal. After 30 days, your Design Portal is archived and our collaboration is complete! 

Overall, my goal is for this to be a fun, easy, and streamlined way for you to create a meaningful space!

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